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Participants in the painting workshops are responsible for making their own travel arrangements from their country of origin to Greece and transfer to Paros. However, every effort will be made on the part of Artists on the Move to assist with the planning process.

Artists on the Move cooperates with one local hotel, the Hotel Parian Village, and can highly recommend it for its workshop participants. It is a lovely hotel with reasonable prices. Please view their website at Artists on the Move will coordinate reservations for participants and assist with alternative hotels if so desired. However, payment for the hotel is the responsibility of the participant. Hotel prices are not included in the program fee. For more information regarding the participating hotel as well as recommendations for alternative hotels in the town of Parikia please inquire with Neva Bergemann via email

Travel costs are not included in the program fee. Check for a list of flight offers from your local travel agency or try online travel service websites for more options. Please note that in order to arrive in Greece on the correct day, one must fly from the United States the day before.

It is recommended to arrive into Athens International Airport early in the day if possible to ensure time enough to reach Paros that same afternoon. Upon arrival into Athens International airport, there are two options for continuing on to Paros Island.

Option 1: Ferries

Ferry transfer from Piraeus (the port of Athens) is the most frequently used mode of transportation for the islands. The large vessels are comfortable, relaxing and is a perfect introduction to the Greek islands. It is a beautiful trip that takes 3 hours on the High Speed ferries or 4 hours 15 minutes on the Blue Star ferries. Some boats also leave for Paros from the port of Rafina which is closer to the airport. Please check the websites Paros Web or Open Seas for ferry schedules and information regarding dates and times of departures.

Local transportation is available from the airport to the port of Piraeus is by a special public bus that takes you directly to the boats. Travel can also take place using the Metro System or by hiring a taxi.

Once travel plans are in place, please contact Neva Bergemann, the art instructor, to coordinate arrival dates, times, and mode of transfer. You will be met at the port of Paros if arriving by ferry, and will be accompanied to your chosen accommodation. Other useful and detailed information will be sent to you after your enrollment.

Option 2: Flights

Flights must be booked well in advance because they sell out rather quickly. The duration of the flight from Athens is approximately 40 minutes. Reservations can be booked through your travel agent or airline at the time of purchasing your original flight. Click here for additional information.

If you are traveling by plane to Paros, taking a taxi to your hotel upon arrival is most convenient. Once travel plans are in place, please contact Neva Bergemann, the art instructor, to confirm arrival dates, times and mode of transfer. A meeting time will then be scheduled to welcome you to the island. Other useful and detailed information will be sent to you after enrollment.

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Participants will need a valid passport to travel to Greece. Typically, US residents do not need to have a visa arranged in advance of entering the country. However, contact your travel agent or airline for more information to determine what is required for your country of origin before departure. Artists on the Move and Neva Bergemann cannot be held responsible and cannot reimburse an enrollment to a workshop because of flight delays or cancellations due to visa and passport requirements.


Transportation for excursions on Paros will be by local public bus or rented car. Once at the locations, the workshops may require some walking. Any person, who cannot travel independently or is handicapped and needs assistance with walking, dining, or personal needs, must have a companion to assist him/her.


It is recommended that you arrange your own travel / health insurance.